Welcome to CoinCatcher

CoinCatcher is a Cardano staking pool, due to launch in Q3 2018 when the Cardano network enters the Rewards Era.

To earn rewards, simply delegate your stake to CoinCatcher and we will participate in network on your behalf. There will be no need to leave your coins at risk in an online wallet; they can be safely kept in cold storage in your own private wallet (such as a Ledger or Daedalus).

Getting started

CoinCatcher will go live with the Shelley release of the Cardano protocol. Please check back soon for updates.

Click here to read our beginner's guide to staking, as well as some background on mining and consensus algorithms.

What is a staking pool?

ADA holders of are entitled to rewards for participating in the network, proportional to their balance. Unlike Bitcoin or proof-of-work systems, no specialist or extra hardware is needed; you simply need to run wallet software on a regular computer or laptop. However, this can be impractical for two reasons:

  1. it requires leaving your wallet connected at all times, and
  2. unless you have a very large amount of ADA, the rewards will be extremely infrequent.
Staking pools solve both of these issues: they're always online, and they combine the stake power of all members in order to achieve regular payouts. Read more

Why stake with CoinCatcher?

CoinCatcher provides comprehensive and real-time statistics on your staked coins via its online dashboard. Our system constantly monitors every aspect of the blockchain, giving you detailed information on your past and present earnings, as well as reward forecasts based on activity in the Cardano network.